4 steps you can take today to get organised for 2018

new year


As people calm down from silly season and move into a new year, finding a sense of calm and order can be difficult when you first start back at work. It can feel like the craziness just continues from one year into the next, leaving you with the fear of returning to work.


At  Typetec, we believe that organisation and planning is half the work so to help you ease back into the new working year, here’s four steps you can complete today to start and keep organised for 2018.


Clean space, clean mind: 


When you first arrive at your desk: evaluate. Do you need that pile of paper sitting at the edge of your desk? Could all those pens go back in the stock room? Do you need to start taking down that tinsel?

Once this is done, set up your computer, make yourself a cup of coffee and start the virtual clear out. Empty your trash, anything that has been there for 30 days or more should no longer be on your computer. Secondly clean up your desktop, a big security risk is losing a device that could have important documents on your public desktop. Move these to your remote desktop and file them away in the appropriate places. Either to the companies file management system or in the cloud on Microsoft Sharepoint system. This may sound time consuming but you’ll be amazed how easily cleaning up both physically and virtually will save time in the future months. It also helps you start on the right path from the beginning.


Go paperless: 


You’re living in the 21st century, it’s time to go digital. You should have little to no paper on your desk at this point. For things like receipts or notes, take a photo on your phone. Then upload it to your computer giving you access to it anytime you want.


Explore your applications: 


With most companies now using Office 365 for Business, it’s time to start exploring the applications available to you in the suite. Instead of using your email for everything, start using  applications like OneNote to take notes and minutes for meetings. Try out Teams to share these minutes and keep track of group projects. Have a group announcement? Avail of Yammer to communicate will all staff the good news without clogging up staff inbox.


Prioritise your email: 


Once you’ve started using the applications in Office 365, prioritising what’s left in your email will come a lot easier. Cut down on those lengthy emails with a simple call on Skype for Business, keep track of your focus and email hours on My Analytics and classify your emails with Outlook’s flags, pins and category options.


New Year, New organised you!


Not set up with Office 365 or want to update your plan? Get in touch with our Typetec team today sales@typetec.ie or call 015009001 to be put in touch with one of our experts.