iPad Pro

by David Looney


Apple’s strapline on their website introduces the iPad Pro as ‘Super. Computer. Now in two sizes’. This is a bold and ambitious statement, are Apple really suggesting that the Apple iPad Pro can replace your computer?

Previously we reviewed the Microsoft Surface 4 and this really is a viable alternative to a desktop or notebook, can the iPad Pro really make the same claim?

The hardware is impressive, 12.9″ Multi-touch Retina Display (2732×2048), 64-Bit A9X Processor, 10 Hour battery life and 8mp iSight Camera. Paired with the optional pencil and Smart Keyboard the iPad Pro has the same presence and feel as the Surface Pro 4, however the question still remains – can this device replace your Laptop?

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro runs iOS 9, the same Operating System as the iPhone and previous iPads. iOS 9 comes with all the usual apps that we are used to, including Apple’s range of office productivity applications Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The larger screen allows for comfortable editing and creation of documents and spreadsheets even without the external Smart Keyboard – the 12.9″ display allows for enough screen real estate to use the on-screen keyboard – the lack of a mouse when doing traditional tasks takes some getting used to – but the introduction of the Apple Pencil brings a new element to how you interact with the iPad.

Apple iPad Pro SmartKeyboard

If you don’t want to use Apple’s productivity software, Microsoft’s Office is available for iPad through Office 365; coupled with OneDrive and OneNote the lack of a file storage system on the device is not as big an issue as rivals make it out to be.

Apple iPadPro 12_Svr_Pencil-Leaning_US-EN-SCREEN

Following the mould of the Surface Pro, Apple have the Pencil as an option for the iPad Pro. Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and charged via the iPad’s Lightning connector, the Apple Pencil feels like its drawing directly on the screen nothing like the experience of using a standard stylus. While this may not seem like something to get too excited about, it will change how you take notes. Pen and paper can almost be eliminated, your notes, doodles, thoughts, and scribbles can be saved, stored and managed like never before. Where this becomes really impressive is when used with OneNote. Meeting notes can be hand written alongside media files and documents all stored logically and accessed across all devices.

Multi-tasking is a new, much welcomed, addition to iOS. Multi-tasking on the iPad Pro comes in three forms:

  • Slide Over lets you quickly access a secondary app as a sidebar-style overlay so you can respond to messages or mail, add to notes or check the web, or do another brief task without having to switch completely away from the primary app.
  • Split View enables you to pin a secondary app so it shares the screen,  side by side, with the primary app so you can reference, copy and paste, or otherwise use them both at the same time.
  • Picture-in-Picture – (PiP), which has been available on TVs for decades, lets you float a video on top of whatever other app you’re using at the time, or even two apps if you’re in Slide Over or Split View modes.

Reverting back to my initial question, can the iPad Pro replace your laptop? I don’t think this is the correct approach. The iPad Pro is exactly that an iPad Pro, it sits somewhere between a traditional tablet and the laptop. It serves its own purpose; a powerful portable device which allows users the simplicity of the iPad with more productive features.

Pricing for the iPad Pro 12.9″ starts off at €763 + VAT for the entry level 32GB WiFi version up to €1178 + VAT for the 256GB WiFi and Cellular version. The Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard are optional extras.

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