Introducing Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM)

by Alan McNamee


Autotask Logo copy

Typetec are delighted to announce we be will rolling out our new and improved RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) toolset to all endpoints, over the next 4 weeks. We are implementing AEM to replace the current Kaseya agent deployed on your machines enabling Typetec to provide the next level of support. AEM will provide superior levels of auditing, monitoring and management and allow for a faster meantime to issue resolution by offering greater levels of proactive remediation.

AEM will integrate fully with our existing Autotask helpdesk system that many of you will be familiar with. The new solution is a completely elastic cloud based suite that will allow us to scale to meet the most exacting client requirements instantly. We will provide a deeper insight into this in next months Typetec newsletter, so stay tuned.