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Apple Event iPhone 8, iPhone X, New Apple Watch and much more…

Apple Event: September Keynote – what you need to know

This week saw one of Apple’s biggest keynote events of the year. In the style of Apple, they released several new products along with launching the new Steve Jobs Theatre.






Ten years after Apple changed the mobile device market with the iPhone; Apple announced the all new iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. New versions of the Apple Watch and AppleTV were also announced with iOS 11, the new update for iPad and iPhone with more enterprise friendly features.

The iPhone X:

Celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. In a radical change, they’ve removed the home button and enhance the phone with several new features including AI technology and facial recognition.

Just like the new iPhone 8 it is all glass and comes with an all new Super Retina Display and OLED display.

This will be Apple’s flagship Phone and comes with a price tag to match.




  • 5.8-inch OLED screen
  • A11 Bionic Processor
  • No more home button
  • Facial recognition ID
  • 64GB and 256GB
  • Charges wirelessly
  • Animoji feature
  • AI technology
  • Available to pre-order October 27th and will ship November 3rd
  • €1,179-€1,349

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

The iPhone 8 is an update on the last released iPhone. With glass design and an increase in storage. The new upgrade will have Retina HD display and 3D Touch to create a more natural look and feel to the screen. The most exciting thing about the new iPhone though is the A11 Bionic Chip. With six cores, four efficiencies and two performance cores the new iPhone 8 will even have the capability for augmented reality.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus


  • All-glass design
  • A11 Bionic Chip
  • Retina HD
  • 3D Touch
  • Charges wirelessly
  • iOS 11
  • 64GB and 256GB
  • Upgraded camera and processor
  • Available to pre-order September 15th and will ship September 22nd
  • 5.5inch & 4.7inch
  • €829-€1,109

Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch is now in it’s the third generation and Apple have included one of the most wanted features – Cellular capability within the watch. The built-in eSim will link with your current Sim card and allow phone, data and text services direct from the watch. Apple lead with the idea, leave your phone at home and have it all on your watch.

As this feature is dependent on support from your mobile phone carrier the cellular version will not be available just yet in Ireland. However, with demand for this service anticipated to be high, it shouldn’t take too long for the Irish carriers to roll out support.

The Health App has also received some improvements with the ability to monitor heart rates over time and the ability for the app to learn more about your routines and activity patterns.


Apple Watch


Series 3

  • Cellular – Make calls and send texts from your watch (not yet a possibility in Ireland)
  • Stream Music
  • Siri
  • Swim-proof
  • Workout app and tracking

Watch OS 4

  • Personal Assistant
  • Allows you to track your activity, music, and workout. Personalising it to suit your schedule.

iOS 11:

Apple’s iOS 11 continues to make both iPad and iPhone better, more productive tools for work. With features like the new Dock option and the Files app, the iOS 11 creates a more enterprise friendly environment for mobile devices. Microsoft has also recently confirmed that it online enterprise mobility management suite, InTune, will support the new iOS.


IOS 11



  • Files App
  • New Bottom Line Dock
  • Slide Over and Split View
  • Drag & Drop
  • Apple Pencil
  • Document Scanner
  • Quick Type Keyboard
  • AI Technology

What’s to come from Apple?

Coming soon should also see the much-anticipated shipment of the all-new iMac Pro which features server-grade Intel Xeon Processor, up to 128GB RAM, 4TB Solid State Drives, Radeon Pro Vega graphics cards with up 16GB RAM and 10GB Ethernet all packaged in the beautiful 27” 5K Retina screen. This is what all creative professionals have been looking for.


What's to come from Apple


To learn more about Apple’s new products you can check out our iPad in Business section or contact our Typetec team at 015009001 or

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