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Top 6 Tech Predictions for 2018

Technology Predictions for 2018

Like any business, our Typetec team spend months coming to the end of the year preparing for the new one. Forecasting what we think will be the new and best technology trends and planning out how we can best help our customers with what’s coming down the line. With 2018 now in full swing we want to share with you where we see the technology industry going and how we can best help your business digitally transform for the better.

Cloud Adoption:

This is an obvious one, with Ireland’s cloud industry already surpassing the European average. With a 22% growth rate year on year since 2015. Even the government is taking action on this obvious trend, with ICT grants being given out at a primary and secondary level to teach the next generation about coding and computing.
Typetec have partnered with Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive set of cloud services. That can be used to build, deploy and manage applications through the global network of Microsoft’s data centresGiving you access to a cloud system that gives you the freedom to build and deploy applications with the tools and frameworks of your choiceMaking it both a cost effective and flexible cloud solution to give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead. Find out more here.


You only have to look to the start of this month when an Intel microchip flaw meant that nearly all devices were at risk of being hacked to see how serious IT Security is in 2018From WannaCry, that infected more than 230,000 computers over 150 countries to the virus Petya, that compromised and infected over 300,000 devices including Irish-based US pharmaceutical company MSD. Ransomware and cybercrime aren’t going anywhere. Surveys even show that Irish small firms were particularly vulnerable to security woes during the year.
One poll by the business lobby group ISME indicated that 81pc of Irish small firms fell victim to cybercrime, with two-thirds saying they suffered a computer virus infectionCybercrime is now the third most common crime reported by small businesses in Ireland after burglary and vandalism, according to the ISME survey.
Typetec already work around the clock with our customers to make sure security is a top priority. Going into 2018, Typetec have partnered with Cisco Meraki to release a complete new range of security product and service stacks to make sure every endpoint in your company is protected.

GDPR and data privacy:

With the new data regulation act coming into act on the 25th of May 2018, GDPR is not going away. With consequences for companies that don’t start investing in their data privacy and policiesAs a managed service provider, Typetec’s commitment is twofold to be compliant for ourselves and our customers. Find out more about what GDPR is and how you can start your journey here.

AI and data analysis:

Every day 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is created. With 90% of the world’s data being created since 2016. Making it an obvious choice for 2018 to be the year of data analysis. Organisations are increasingly starting to understand the importance of data. With many companies starting to use AI technology to translate what their data means and how it can be used in the company to create better products and services for customers.

Technology Wearables:

With the new Apple watch being released last year, with LTE technology that now allows you to send texts and make phone calls from your watch, technology wearables are a big trend for 2018. You can now track your fitness, your diet and your emails all from your wrist.

Business Transformation:

In 2017 ‘digital transformation’ was a huge buzz world in the I.T. industry. Going into 2018 we seeing it evolving into ‘business transformation’. Technology is becoming an ever increasing source of profit for businesses with AI technology and scalable cloud solutionsIn 2018, we see technology combining the I.T. strategy with the overall business strategy of a company to empower the business. Typetec’s Business Solution Team are trained to deliver consultancy around creating this digital strategy to deliver a complete business transformation. 
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