How global office
works for you

Global Office provides you with instantly scalable, on demand services.

I.T. Managers New Employee Setup

(1) New Employee Setup

New employees can be added instantly to your network with Global Office. At the same time we can also remove users and their permissions should they leave the company.

I.T. Managers Assign Applications in seconds

(2) Assign Applications in Seconds

We support virtually every application, including custom builds, on any OS and can deliver them on any Citrix enabled device. So when you need a specific application we will be able to deliver it to you hassle free.

I.T. Managers 2 Assign Applications in seconds -wh copy
I.T. Managers 3 Add users to groups -wh copy

(3) Add users to groups

New users, groups can quickly be added, deleted or modified.

I.T Managers 4 Password & Security - wh copy

(4) Password & Security

All data is stored in an Irish Tier 3 datacenter, so you will have peace of mind that your data is in safe hands. Two-factor authentication is also an option.

I.T. Managers 4 Password & Security - wh copy
I.T. Managers 5 Easy User & Group management -wh copy

(5) Easy User & Group Management

Global Office allows us to easily administer groups, applications, permissions and folder permissions in line with your business requirements.

I.T. Managers 6 Consumption tracking -wh copy

(6) Consumption Tracking

Global Office records system usage and software consumption in real time and this data is available to you at the touch of a button.

I.T Managers 6 Consumption tracking -wh copy
I.T. Managers 7 Session timeout settings -wh copy

(7) Session Timeout Settings

User sessions can be set to automatically time out after a predefined time of inactivity. This adds security by helping to prevent unauthorised access to core systems and data.

I.T. Managers 8 Time and location access -wh copy

(8) Time & Location Settings

Administrators can further lock down access by both time and location. For example, certain users may only be given access to systems during office hours and/or from a given set of locations.

I.T. Managers 8 Time and location access -wh copy