From a full range of violet & thermal CtP or flexographic printing plates, we stock a very comprehensive range of products locally in our Dublin warehouse. Our product range is available in a variety of specifications to suit the vast majority of printing requirements.

Included in our product portfolio are:

  • Thermal CtP plates
  • Conventional plates
  • Violet CtP plates
  • Flexographic CtP plates
  • Prepress chemistry (developer, gum etc)

Kodak Sonora XP Processless Plates – Best Seller Since 2013



When it comes to the next generation of CtP plate, we stock Kodak’s Sonora XP Processless plate, requiring no developer or wash of gum. Just image this plate and put directly on press!

Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates completely eliminate the plate processing step, helping printers to lessen their environmental impact by reducing water, chemical and energy consumption in prepress. Not only do they offer the cost and waste reduction benefits of process free plates, Sonora Plates deliver the quality, productivity and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates, so printers can reduce costs and environmental impact without sacrificing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Sonora XP Plates are ideal for commercial sheetfed presses as well as commercial heatset and coldest web presses, and they can be used in offset packaging applications, even in short run UV. Sonora XP Plates are available in all standard formats, as well as 0.40 mm gauge and VLF size formats, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Economic Benefits of Using Process Free Plates

Why would I want to use my expensive press as a plate processor?

Learn more about Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates here.


Sonora News Plates

Sonora News Plates are designed specifically for newspaper applications and are suitable for both small and large newspaper printing operations, including those with automated environments.


Wide format/proofing media

In addition to our prepress consumables portfolio, we also carry an extensive range of products for wide format digital printing.

These products include paper in many different widths, lengths, gsm, finishes in roll or sheet format, media and ink from industry leading suppliers including Epson, HP, Kodak, Tecco and an extensive range of our own brand products.