Are you a business owner
looking to save and improve

Your challenges

As a business owner you know how essential having a developed business strategy is. Historically you would have looked for IT to support that business strategy. However, in recent years, IT has increasingly become part of the strategy itself rather than just a business enabler. Typetec understands the challenges of successful organisations and the demands you make from your systems and the employees that use them. Availability and access are key to your success. With the ability to adapt to quickly changing environments being imperative to maintaining your competitive advantages.

How can Typetec help you?

At Typetec, we become your trusted advisor and an integral part of ensuring that IT delivers for your organisation. We seek to understand your needs and develop solutions and services to help you drive your business forward. Our staff can take and provide a one stop shop approach of handling all procurement, consultancy and services. We can also act as an extension of an existing IT department, adding the benefits of our broad skill-set to your internal resources.

How we engage

At Typetec, we understand that IT might not be your thing and we don’t expect it to be either. That’s our job. We will deal with your organisation in a no nonsense manner and explain our proposition in terms of solutions and services. Rather than, part numbers and acronyms. Please feel free to contact our sales team at sales@typetec.ie or call (01) 500 9001 to find out more about how Typetec can help your business.