Irish Property Unit Trust choose Global Office as their New IT Platform

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Irish Property Unit Trust plc. is one of Ireland’s leading property investment management funds. Established in 1967, the company invests in Irish commercial properties with strong growth prospects. It actively manages that portfolio to maximise income return for investors.


In early 2013, IPUT embarked upon a review of their IT systems. Top priority was the alignment between those systems and the business needs of the fund. During the review, IPUT met with Typetec and discussed the merits of two options. Reinvesting in further on-premise equipment or migrating all IT services to a fully hosted environment.

After thorough investigation, IPUT decided to migrate to Typetec’s IT as a Service hosted solution, Global Office. As a result, all staff now enjoy anytime, anywhere, any device access to all applications.

Our hosted service has resulted in IPUT having a fully resilient, data centre based core IT infrastructure. This is complete with all the benefits of increased security and accessibility, software versioning control and guaranteed availability.


Global Office has delivered a set of real commercial benefits to IPUT and has revolutionised the way in which we work without the requirement of capital expenditure. The solution has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best and I.T. is now a true business enabler to our organisation rather than a costly distraction.

– Anita O’Rourke (IPUT)


It is great to work with IPUT as they have an excellent reputation in the investment management sector and immediately related to the benefits of Global Office. We look forward to working closely with them for many years into the future.

– Brian Roe (Commercial Director – Typetec)