Are you an IT manager
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Your challenges

As an IT manager, your organisation expects it all from you. From implementing high end storage systems for critical applications to basic desktop support, you are the one stop shop. You are the go-to person for all IT integration into business process. This includes, application management, security, remote access, mobile device integration, backups, website support, core infrastructure, procurement and often much, much more. And more than often, that doesn’t begin to end at 5:30!

How can Typetec help you

At Typetec, we understand the life of the IT manager as we work with many people in your position. The truth is that nobody can be expected to fully understand all technical aspects of running an IT system for a mid sized organisation. There are always multiple technologies around hardware, OS, virtualisation, storage, applications, backup, security, mobile device management etc.. These technologies are constantly changing. It’s our job to support you with the parts of this jigsaw that you either don’t have the time or training to deal with. With over 20 engineers, we have the range of skill-sets to deal with just about any IT challenge.

How we engage

At Typetec, we want to be the pain killer for the IT manager. Our pre sales specialists and senior engineers can engage meaningfully to create solutions and service levels specific to your needs as an IT manager. We listen, we seek to understand and we become an extension of your IT department. This may be in a specific area such as Citrix support or it may be wider ranging. Freeing your time for development, application support or more strategic operations.