iPad in Business

Typetec has worked with Apple for almost 30 years integrating Apple technology into some of Ireland’s leading businesses and education institutions. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, Apple Solution Expert for Education and an Apple Authorised Service Provider we know our stuff. Since the introduction of the iPad, Typetec has worked closely with Apple to ensure that this technology is used to its maximum potential in business and education environments.

iPad in Business

iPad can improve efficiency

iPad enables employees to access content at any time, anywhere in the country or abroad; employees can still work on that research project or even put a sales pitch together from the airport terminal. iPad has a growing number of enterprise apps that can be used to create, edit, print, share, organise, present, schedule meetings and keep in touch with colleagues in real time.

iPad can improve customer responsiveness

There are an increasing number of customer service apps available on iPad which makes it easier than ever for staff to access customer accounts and respond more quickly to queries, wherever they may be.

iPad is fully Secure Mobile Networking solution

iPad is the only tablet with 256-bit hardware encryption.
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iPad can empower your workforce
With its innate touch controls and user-friendly interface, iPad is easy for any employee to handle. Obviously, apps play a big part in driving productivity on the iPad, the simple fact is that workers are more likely to engage with a device that’s fun, simple to use and easy to customise.

iPad doesn’t have to break the bank

Through shared ownerships schemes, the iPad integration doesn’t have to be a burden in terms of cost to your company. You should look at it as a cost saving tool. From an end user point of view, iPad is incredibly easy to use, saving your business training and support costs.

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