Can the new MS Surface Pro replace your Laptop and Tablet?

by David Looney


With the recent release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft claim that the Surface is the tablet that can replace your laptop. As a MacBook Air and iPad user, I was sceptical of this claim and decided to put the Surface Pro to work.

When the iPad was launched a whole new segment was created in the personal computing marketing. What the first generation of tablets offered was mobility, long battery life and an alternative to the traditional laptop. However, in reality tablets struggled to put the trusty notebook computer to the sword and serve as a useful complimentary mobile tool. Ideal for web browsing and email along with the almost unending selection of productivity, personal, and entertainment apps, they lacked the full functions of a notebook computer.

Increasing screen sizes and the power of smart phones have been eating into the tablet space, the justification for having three personal devices, phone/tablet/laptop is diminishing.

With the release of the fourth generation of the Surface Pro the claim that this tablet can replace your laptop has more than an air of credibility.

MS Surface Pro

Boasting full Windows 10 Professional, Intel Core M, i5 and i7 processors, up to 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, the Surface Pro 4 has specifications which rival the HP Elitebook and Apple Macbook Air and then more with its transformer-esq form factor – the ability to turn from Notebook to Tablet mode by simply popping off the keyboard.

Pricing for the Surface Pro 4 starts at €836 + VAT for the entry level Intel Core m3 version to a hefty €2031 + VAT for the full loaded Core i7 model. While this compares favourably in cost to the 13″ Macbook Air to get the true benefit from the Surface Pro you will need to add on a number of optional extras. The Surface does not ship with a keyboard so Keyboard Cover is a necessity rather than an option and when you add on the cost for a docking station and video adapters to transform your office desk it comes in at a premium price.

MS Surface Pro


A premium price for a premium product, after two months of usage I have retired my old notebook and iPad combination and replaced it with a Surface Pro that acts as a full desktop solution via a dock with dual screens, wireless keyboard and mouse, that can turn into a fully functional tablet with the removal of one single cable.

I haven’t even mentioned the Surface Pen yet…
Simple but powerful tool to compliment the Surface and when coupled with the impressive MS OneNote software handwritten notes on a tablet become reality.

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