Gain Insights into the way you work with My Analytics:

Have you ever wondered just exactly how many hours you spend sending emails in a week? Or how many focus hours you’re actually having in a day? Well like everything these days, now there’s an app for it!

My Analytics can be found in the Office 365 suite, with weekly emails sent summarising how you spend your time at work and suggestions on how you can work smarter. Whether it’s cutting that pointless weekly hour meeting into a ten-minute blast update or introducing you to new applications on the suite, like Teams to help manage staff better. My Analytics can increase productivity as well as create a better work/life balance for employees.

We decided to put this to the test in our office. With the Sales Team to see if it really did make a difference.


Week 1:

Each team member accessed their personal dashboard from the menu found at the top of your Office 365 email. From here we reviewed how our previous week had gone. Where we had spent our time in meetings and on email, and where we had spent uninterrupted hours focusing on key tasks. There was even a tab for who we had collaborated with the most that week and how many hours we spent working outside business hours, with some working more sociable hours than others. We set up goals for ourselves in terms of meeting, email, focus and after hours. Assign our working week to what we’d ideally like to see.


my analytics

Week 2:

With goals set, the team spent the week working as normal. Come next Monday, in our weekly Sales meeting, we reviewed again. There was a surprise all around at how we individually spent our time during the week. Over 80% of nearly everyone’s time was spent answering emails or sitting in meetings, with very little time actually spent focusing on tasks uninterrupted. As a team, we adjusted our goals and decided to remind each other during the week if we thought our time was being misled.


Week 3:

For week 3 we reviewed again and found significant improvements all around. One of our Sales Team realised he worked better in the mornings so was coming in early to get focus work done. While one of the other team members found he worked better in the evenings so was leaving early and working from home on the cloud through his remote desktop. We also decided to make our weekly sales meeting a standing meeting, to make it shorter and more efficient for all.


Week 4:

For the final week, we decided to make a group goal objective. For all to have at least 20 focus hours in the week. This in itself would mean as a team we would have 100 focus hours between us. We also made the decision to use Skype for Business at least once a week for any long emails that could be easily translated through a quick video call. While the goal of 100 focus hours a week is still being executed, going forward the team all agreed that My Analytics helped them to focus their time.

“Time is really are most valuable resource, so having a tool that can help me prioritise my work is invaluable”.

Finbarr O’Riordan, Account Manager

My Analytics is available in Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan. It can also be added on to the Office 365 Enterprise E1 and E3 plan. To find how you can set up with My Analytics contact one of our Sales Team today: sales@typetec.ie | 015009001.