Typetec are now a selected APC partner

Did You Know: Industrial and Digital businesses lose 45.7 billion a year due to power interruptions !

After last weekends massive power surge and interruption at British Airways that effected over 300,000 passengers we thought it important to our customers to make sure this never happened to them. As a result we’ve partnered up with APC by Schneider Electric.

From Power & cooling solutions to racks and data centre software, APC are helping us to  provide the products so that Typetec has the answer to all power solutions!

Power Solutions:

Whether it be a conversation on needing a new Smart UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), a replacement battery for it or a network management card to access its condition, it’s a conversation worth having! While talking about batteries may not be the most exciting of topics, in reality a UPS and its components is something that every business should have. Without power, IT equipment is useless. Just plain old plastic and circuit boards and without power they are nothing but massive doorstops!

However, once you have an APC UPS behind them  your IT comes alive! Thus allowing your business world  to continue to revolve and for you to continue work without any IT boundaries.

With various runtime options, Typetec can advise & supply you with whatever you need! APC’s smart UPS also comes with green operating mode giving you a savings piece of mind when it comes to utilitycosts and reduction of heat loss.


Smart UPS    =   Protects your critical data

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By Claire Harrison