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Dublin City Council were looking to create a new portal for residents of the four local authorities, namely Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, South Dublin County Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. The portal was required to provide eligible voters with the ability to check their status as a registered voter and the ability to register for the first time or update existing records prior to the publication of the register. The system needed to be ready for the publication of the register in May 2019, prior to the Referendum on the Regulation of Divorce, Local and European Elections.


DCC had decided that the new portal would be hosted and developed on the Microsoft Azure platform. The ability to utilize Azure provided an opportunity to embrace App Services within Azure to provide the application logic over multiple layers. The Azure platform allowed for the development of the system across multiple geographic regions ensuring maximum availability of the solution. This provided the ability to implement a platform that could scale in line with demand, ensuring that the service provision will always perform as expected.

Result was launched on April 8th 2019. A highly available, highly scalable solution that needed to be available to the public at least 4 weeks prior to the publication of the register in May 2019.

The portal was an immediate success allowing voters within the four local authorities the ability to check the register, update existing records or register to vote for the first time.

Key Metrics:

Web portal enabling over 1 million Dublin residents to check their electoral details in real-time

100% Uptime