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Tuath Housing is one of Ireland’s fastest growing provider of social housing. Tuath depends heavily on the use of email.  The entire organization’s exchange was hosted on an aging internal server and needed to be upgraded.


Tuath have partnered with Typetec for IT Support for over 10 years. Bearing a deep understanding of how Tuath works as an organisation, Typetec understood the value Tuath places on data security, email availability and the need for key staff to access critical data at the press of a button.

Rather than refresh hardware and upgrade the old exchange, it was mutually agreed the best way forward was to deploy a hosted email solution for all mailboxes.

Typetec migrated all 60 mailboxes from an on-premise system to Microsoft Office 365 and seamlessly delivered the cut over with the minimum user disruption.


  • An enterprise class solution for email hosting
  • No more servers of exchange on-prem licensing
  • Same user experience for all users no matter where they are
  • Best in breed security and data protection compliance
  • Added resilience and continuity for one of the organisation’s key applications

Key Metrics:

  • 999 SLA on uptime on all mailboxes means that email issues are a thing of the past