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Build your own work platform with SharePoint

Need an easy way of accessing information, sharing knowledge and collaborating on a broad and flexible platform?

Typetec can help build your own SharePoint platform. With a seamless structure -you can share files, news, data, and resources as well as collaborate effortlessly and securely with internal and external users. SharePoint also empowers collaboration with dynamic and productive team sites for every project group, department, and division.

Sharepoint encourages a continuous cycle of creating and classifying work documents while coordinating with other team members to share ideas and content. Your work documents are easily accessible and ‘harvested’ for search and analysis all while being managed by the security compliant features meaning your work data is safe.


Build your own work platform with SharePoint


What you can share on Sharepoint:

  • Document & File Storage
  • Contracts
  • Blogs
  • External sharing
  • Surveys
  • Calendar
  • Announcements
  • Discussion board
  • Site mailbox
  • Multi-lingual user interface

With site owner capability, the administrator can have access to everything within your site as well as assigning permissions and monitoring internal and external user access. Site owners can create and customize list/documents, change the appearance of the site, create subsites and workplaces, modify pages and monitor site usage.  This, in turn, will create a seamless work environment with users having capabilities and structure.

Typetec have a team of resources and delegated people with SharePoint expertise that can transform your work platform with assessment and training offerings around your new environment should you choose SharePoint.

To find out more from our experts please email or call 015009001.

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