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Clear the noise with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is an Office 365 tool which allows users to automate workflows across a broad range of applications and cloud services which are now integral to most business users.

Despite the promise and potential of new applications delivering time savings the constant stream of notifications, messages and need to move information from one platform to another can diminish the experience of new applications.

The most common Flows are around Request Approvals, Adding Conditions, Use of On-Premise Data and Secure Working.


Multistep Flow


Microsoft Flow allows users to automate many of these workflows. Either through a growing number of templates or by creating their own bespoke workflow.

Want to try Microsoft Flow out?

The quickest way to get a feel for what Microsoft Flow can automate below is a short sample of the free online templates from Microsoft – available at

  • Automatically save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive for Business
  • Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss.
  • Save my email attachments to a Sharepoint document library
  • Track your working hours
  • Get push notification when a new file is added in Sharepoint
  • Save Tweets to an excel file / Save tweets that have a specific hashtag to a Sharepoint list
  • Save Gmail attachments to your Google Drive
  • Email yourself new tweets about a certain keyword

As more and more applications become Flow Connectors – the term used to identify applications which can plug in to a Flow workflow; the possibilities will continue to grow. A full list of Flow Connectors are available on the MS Flow site including OneDriveSharepoint and Outlook.

Check out this quick video for a simple introduction to Flow:







To find out more about Flow and how Office 365 can transform how your workplace uses technology call our Microsoft specialists on 01 5009001 or email

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