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DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind

DaaS and Cash Flow Management


    Device as a Service – Soon to be ‘Just how we do it’

    As an accountant I have been encouraged to be conservative with revenue while being liberal with costs when making decisions. DaaS removes the latter from IT procurement and maintenance by introducing a fixed monthly cost enabling us to focus on revenue generation.

    Procuring IT hardware and maintenance has always been a burdensome task as Group Financial Accountant I need to ensure that each employees IT infrastructure is efficient whether they are working at the office or remotely.

    DaaS enables us to do this by refreshing our IT infrastructure every 24 months it ensures we have the most up to date technology driving efficiency and staff moral ever higher.

    Like many new concepts DaaS may seem crazy but it will soon be ‘just how we do it’ the same way we look at sleeping in someone else’s bed (Airbnb) or getting into a stranger’s car (Uber), with all of these overwhelming benefits do you really want to miss your chance of becoming a first mover:

    • Reduces the total cost of ownership due to utilising the residual value
    • Improves cashflow by removing Cap Ex costs
    • Single monthly payment increasing budgeting accuracy
    • Up to date equipment increases staff satisfaction and efficiency

    When looking at the above ask yourself:

    • Would you like to save on your IT costs?
    • Is it a challenge keeping all staff happy from Junior Sales to CEO with their device technology?
    • Could you have invested the Cap Ex more wisely?
    • How much time does it take you to do your budget and how accurate is it?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above, please contact us.




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