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Find out how Typetec are partnering with Cisco Meraki to help bring you affordable mobile device management.

Mobile Device Management


As an IT services and solutions company that has been in business for 35 years, Typetec know a thing or two when it comes to deployment of mobile devices. As Ireland’s longest established Apple partner, we have deployed thousands of iPads and iPhones into the education and corporate sectors. From our experience in this field, it is becoming clear that the demand for 24/7 access to your business data is crucial. The traditional 9-5 working hours are a thing of the past, with organisations shifting to a more flexible approach. This is allowing employees to work more productively at their own pace. With this shift in the business sector the need for remote and mobile access to email, company files and data has become essential.

Securing your data

With this demand in the industry for 24-hour access to data, the need to protect the devices accessing your corporate network has also become fundamental. If only to make sure your company’s data stays safe and secure. We only need to look at examples of data breaches in the past such as Yahoo, HSE, MySpace and even the U.S Department of Homeland Security to see how important the security of corporate data is.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the term giving to the process of protecting devices that are accessing corporate data.  MDM secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across the enterprise. This includes over-the-air distribution of applications and data and configuration settings for all devices. Such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, for both company-owned and employee-owned devices.

Why Cisco Meraki

Why Cisco Meraki

Late in 2016, Typetec went to the tech market to find a suitable partner for the provision of MDM for our customers. We felt that this was a missing piece in our service jigsaw. Our staff could project plan, procure and deploy devices on mass. We could even provide post deployment support but the piece missing was the management this was when we found Cisco Meraki.

Meraki is a feature rich solution that meets all the MDM requirement of our customers. It works by installing an agent on the device. From there a centrally managed pane enforces device security policies and allows the deployment of software and apps. With the ability for remote, live troubleshooting. If the device is lost, stolen or misplaced Meraki can remotely wipe the device and make it redundant. There are great features available such as geo-fencing. Meaning that if the device roams outside certain parameters predefined policies can be enforced.

Typetec can provide consultancy to help you define and deploy policies suitable for your environment. With Meraki you can also have access to 24/7 support from their MDM experts.


Meraki is a super product that works across IOS, but Windows, and Android platforms. Their solution is very competitively priced and you can start protecting your mobile environment for as little as €1.50 per device per month. Want to find out more? Call us today to chat about how we can help you protect your data and mobile fleet or check out more here.

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