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Find out how you can have all the benefits of a Cloud Solution without the price tag!

 Microsoft CSP – Cloud Solution Provider

CSP & Windows Enterprise

Microsoft CSP – Cloud Solution Provider

With technology advances occurring everyday it is important to stay up to speed with all your cloud requirements and needs. This is why Typetec have started to move our customers over.

What is CSP?

CSP is an Office 365 monthly billing platform which provides flexibility, money savings and helps your company maintain a stronger cloud practice. As your reseller, we have the capability to add a licence to your portal within minutes and not only this, you are free to change your plans at any stage throughout your billing period. You can increase, decrease and change your plans at any time so you have that peace of mind when employees might leave or enter your company.

  • No paying for all your plans a year in advance.
  • No yearly plan commitments.
  • No direct support issues.

What is available through CSP?

All of your Office 365 plans, including Azure and Dynamics Office 365 are available through CSP. Also in conjunction with this is Windows 10 Enterprise which may be the answer to your company with the implementation of device guard, credential guard and windows defender with E3. Windows 10 Enterprise is designed to address the needs of all organisation by providing:

  • Flexible deployment, update, and support options.
  • Advanced protection against modern security threats.
  • Comprehensive device and app management and control.
  • Modern IT tools to streamline the management of devices, applications, and updates.


Header Enterprise E3 BE impartner

Windows Enterprise E3 under CSP includes:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise edition. Devices currently running Windows 10 Pro, version 1607 can get Windows 10 Enterprise Current Branch (CB) or Current Branch for Business (CBB). This benefit does not include Long Term Service Branch (LTSB).
  • Support from one to hundreds of users. Although the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 in CSP program does not have a limitation on the number of licenses an organisation can have, the program is designed for small- and medium-sized organisations. So, no matter what your budget it is you can afford all the benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Deploy on up to five devices. For each user covered by the license, you can deploy Windows 10 Enterprise edition on up to five devices.
  • Roll back to Windows 10 Pro at any time. When a user’s subscription expires or is transferred to another user, the Windows 10 Enterprise device reverts seamlessly to Windows 10 Pro edition (after a grace period of up to 90 days).

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