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How our Business Solutions Team Gained Back 1,040 Hours of Work Time

What could you do in 1,040 hours?

We had a think about it and in 1,040 hours, which makes up nearly 45 days in time you could write a short story, learn a new language or even travel across a good portion of Europe. However, In Typetec, this is the amount of time on average that our sales team use to spend commuting to work annually. 

Between the Business Solutions team of 5, commute times ranged from 45 minutes to 4 hours round commute daily. With an estimated distance of 114,920 km travelled between all five employees. 

“I used to have such fear on a Sunday not for work itself but for the 2 hours commute in on the M50”. 

– Dave Looney, Account and Logistics Manager 

 As a leading professional IT cloud and managed service provider we see it as essential to be at the forefront of new technology. However, while we transform clients businesses everyday by harnessing the power of cloud technologies. In our own office we weren’t fully embracing the technology that was at our fingertips.


 Remote Work Strategy:

To change this, at the start of 2018 a remote work strategy was put in place that would allow employees to work from home at least two days a week using the power of Office 365 and its array of ‘work from anywhere’ apps like Skype for Business, Teams and SharePoint. Six months on and significant changes have occurred.

  • Increased Productivity: 

Being able to work remotely means that our team’s work schedule now works around them. The lack of office distractions allows for more focused and productive work. They’re able to easily Skype into meetings from anywhere. They can collaborate together on a document in real time using online Word, Powerpoint and Excel and then can store it securely in SharePoint.

  • Improved Work/Life Balance:

Happy employees are surveyed to be more productive, creative and better leaders. By having a more balanced work/life schedule staff are happier, less stressed and more fulfilled.

“Our new way of working has improved my quality of life – more time with family, more productive hours worked, less time in traffic and one less car on the N4 creating that traffic jam.”

– Finbarr O’Riordan, Account Manager

  • Experienced Staff

We now have two completely remote staff in our team based in Mayo and Westmeath. By removing the geographical element of a new hire having to be in the office we were able to recruit the best of the best.

  • Save Time & Money

That 1,040 hours? That time is now being focusesd into work projects, customer meetings and collaborative brainstorms. With less people in the office we’ve saved money on our electricity bill, parking space and even cartons of milk!

Want to start your own remote working strategy? Contact our Business Solutions team today.


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