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Is your business in jeopardy of a cyber-attack?

72% of SMBs have reported that exploits and malware evaded their existing protection systems to launch attacks on companies via their employee’s email.

These attacks are taking place within email in two ways; phishing and spear-phishing

Phishing attacks are impersonations of popular brands such as Office 365 that trick recipients into entering personal information. Years ago, it was relatively easy to identify these types of attacks but they have become much more sophisticated of late, appearing almost identical to the actual brand page, making it near to impossible for users to detect that unusual activity is taking place.

Spear-Phishing is another cyber-attack phenomenon that is targeting SMBs. This form of attack is also known as “CEO Fraud” and comes in the form of an email that is personalised to the victim, minus the link. Ahead of sending the email, the cybercriminals analyse their target’s social media accounts to gain a deep insight into their interests and behaviour so that they are almost guaranteed to gain the victim’s attention.

According to Switchfast Technologies, 51% of SMB leaders said that they did not believe that their business was a target for cyber-attacks but how can they be they so sure? Are you willing to risk not only financial losses but also your business’s hard-earned reputation?

Office 365 – No.1 Target for Cyber Attacks

IDC report 80% of cyber-attacks are delivered in an email.

Thanks to the numerous benefits of Office 365, many businesses have migrated their email to this platform. However, the cybercriminals have been watching and have made Office 365 their No. 1 target for attacks.

Whilst Office 365 does have native security solutions in place to protect users from these emails, nevertheless, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and these barriers are not strong enough to fully protect your business.

According to a 2018 report by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the USA, 2 out of 9 companies who were targeted in a string of spear-phishing attacks lost more than $30 million each. Closer to home, Accenture reported that “the average cost in terms of lost time arising from a malware attack is 50 days”.

For many SMBs, this kind of financial loss would be terminal!


Project Your Business with Vade Secure for Office 365

Vade Secure for Office 365 uses machine learning to identify unknown threats in real-time. It analyses the origin, content and context of each email to block advanced attacks. This solution is integrated with Office 365 meaning there are no latency issues for the user and, if there is a suspicious email, the system alerts of the potential threat.

More specific benefits of Vade secure API based architecture include:

Ease of Deployment– With only 3 clicks, administrators can authorise Vade Secure to access their email flow and configure their filtering policies with no MX record changes required.

No Disruption– As mentioned above, this solution is fully integrated with Office 365 allowing users to seamlessly continue to use the platform that they know and feel comfortable with.

Internal Threat Protection– Vade Secure will scan internal messages between employees to ensure that they are protected against potential attacks arising from within the organisation.


How is Vade Secure so Intelligent?

Good question! Vade Secure captures data from over 500 million inboxes globally and feeds this into its machine learning models to ensure a best-in-class catch rate.


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