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Microsoft 365: The Modern Cloud Solution for SMB’s

Security, Productivity and Mobility:

You know that your business’s growth depends on every employee delivering their best work. With collaboration increasing by 50% over the last two decades and a forecasted 43% of the global workforce mobile by 2022 this means enabling your staff with the collaboration tools they need to communicate and work together effectively. At the same time, you must protect your business’s vital information, while ensuring that your team can access the files and data they need as they work.


What’s the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

Up until now a lot of IT providers would offer you Office 365 for collaboration but there was no security placed around it meaning it was another extra cost. The new Microsoft 365 cloud solution brings it all together in one integrated bundle with the productivity of Office 365, the security of Windows 10 and the mobility of Enterprise Mobility+Security (EMS). Creating a single solution with the elements of productivity and management. This cost-effective, subscription based cloud service is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Microsoft 365

Why SMB’s:

A small to medium business is normally defined by the number of employees, this can be anything from 1 up to 250 staff. Unlike a large enterprise, employees in smaller businesses tend to take on more than one role so they have the added pressure of working more, at a quick and efficient pace.

The Microsoft 365 solution has been specifically design to empower small to medium businesses. Microsoft have done this by implementing specific workflows and simplifying the number of settings available. We know a lot of our customers are either business owners or operations managers who don’t have an IT guy so Microsoft 365 has simplified the technology to make it easy for any business owner to understand and manage.

Security is another big factor for SMB’s, with a lot of small businesses allowing employees to use their personal mobile devices for work it can open company data up to risk as the devices aren’t secure. Microsoft 365’s solution employs a user centric security model. So no matter what the device, company data is secure and protected. Giving users a single login to access all their files, applications and email and giving management peace of mind that your data is protected, and employees can collaborate, communicate and grow your business enhanced by technology rather than blocked.

Microsoft 365

What do you get with Microsoft 365:

As a productivity and management solution you get all the applications in Office 365, like Word, Powerpoint and Excel. On top of this you get a professional looking email and team collaboration features like SharePoint and Teams to empower employees. From a security perspective you get Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Ensuring automatic updates and secure access to company data no matter what the device.

  • Simplify IT
  • Safeguard the business
  • Empower your team to achieve more together


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