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Microsoft OneNote the best Office Application you’re not using.

If you are not using Microsoft’s OneNote you should be; and if you are using it, are you using it to its full potential?

To most MS Office users OneNote is just a purple icon sitting in the menu bar at the top of your Outlook window. Unused and ignored. However, if executed properly, it can be one of the simplest and most powerful applications sitting on your desktop.

At its most basic level OneNote is a digital version of your notepad sitting on your desk. At its best, it is whatever your imagination would like it to be.


OneNote is all about capturing information and keeping it organised. You can organise all your office work on the one app.  Across different notebooks, sections, pages or in any format which makes sense to you.

You can create or download templates to create notebooks for your team to collect and share business relevant information.

Creating a Team Meeting notebook, is a simple but effective way to get started with the application. This is a notebook that your whole team will have access and input to. Every meeting will have its own page in the notebook and members of the team can add their notes, media files, images or even handwritten notes to the page. Record minutes, actions and notes on the page which is then available to all members.

one note screen shot


Starting with a team meeting notebook introduces OneNote to your team and will give each user the opportunity to explore the many possibilities of the application.

OneNote is a free application available for just about every device – Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Web and even the Apple Watch. It even has the ability to automatically sync your notebook across all devices.

On each page you can enter text, documents, media files, digital writing, links … just about anything.

There are endless resources online to help you get started with OneNote. Watch the video below to get started!


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