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Microsoft Teams – a chat based workspace for your internal and external contacts

Office 365 is all about changing how we communicate in the workplace and freeing up our cluttered email mailboxes. Applications like Skype for Business, Yammer and Sharepoint give us an alternative means of communication. From messaging to sharing documents and information – so what does Microsoft Teams offer?

In our personal lives, we are now using more Apps like Whatsapp to communicate with groups of friends and colleagues. This way of communicating is increasing with the consumerisation of IT creating a demand for similar styles of communications in the workplace. Microsoft says that the Teams platform will allow the creation of a more open, digital environment. Which will make work more visible, integrated and accessible facilitating the emergence of more agile and flat organisational structures.

Benefits of Teams in the Workplace:

Teams in Office 365 provides a familiar modern conversational chat structure. Where members can add information, ask questions or just express themselves in their own unique style. Teams utilise the power and depth of Office 365 to provide a true hub for working teams. The integration of the suite of Office 365 apps to the Microsoft Teams platform – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, PowerBI, Delve, Skype – allows Teams to use information from across the organisation. Microsoft also announced an exciting development this week, Guest Access. This allows Office 365 business and education users to add people outside the organisation to a team.


Microsoft Teams channel web


Microsoft Teams also supports full calendar integration. This allows team members to schedule meetings, recurring events and follow up on notes within the application. There’s also the ability to see other team member’s schedules meaning you can keep up to date with everything going on in your team.

How to use Teams and how to get Setup:

In the Typetec office, we use it as an online meeting space for when we’re all out of the office or away with customers. Here we create section teams regarding each project we’re working on and add in notes on the go, including previous meeting actions and even just links to articles that we think inspire thought leadership for that project.

Teams is available on all Windows 10, MacOS, Android and iOS. Microsoft Teams is available on Office 365 Business Essentials, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

Talk to Typetec on 015009001 or for more information on how to start your journey with Office 365 and the future of workplace communication.

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