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Skype for Business

Effective communication is an essential pillar in any industry. More than ever before, businesses are required to have a global presence and are overcoming language and location barriers worldwide. Therefore, having the ability to stay connected both at home and abroad in a cost-effective manner has never been more important. For this reason, businesses are increasingly turning to Skype for Business as it allows users to connect with colleagues, business partners and clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Used by home users, self-employed, SMB’s and Multinational Organisations, Skype for Business is one of the many features available in the Microsoft Office 365 suite meaning that many organisations already have this innovative communication tool at their fingertips.

skype for business

With Skype for Business increasing popularity among organisations, our staff in Typetec have put together a list of the main benefits Skype for Business can offer. Along with some tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

Value for Money:

Reducing high communication costs is often the bottom line for any size organisation. Skype for business is renowned for its’ cost effective plans and, as an all-in-one communication tool it includes features such as instant messagingvoice and video calls and can facilitate online meetings. Skype is free between Skype-to-Skype users however, if landline or mobile is a preference, Skype can facilitate these calls through a cost-effective plan. Organisations have the ability to assign credit or alternatively avail of monthly plans.

TIP: Invite your colleagues, clients and suppliers to use Skype and instantly, you can communicate via voice or video call for free!

Ease of Use:

Since its existence, Skype has become a familiar tool to many individuals. Skype in Business is very easy to install, set-up and begin using. With the user-friendly interface, it is very simple to add new contacts, send instant messages and place calls.

TIP: If you have Microsoft Office 365 go check your Office 365 portal – this innovative tool is readily available!

Available Anytime, Anywhere:

Skype has a number of versions available that are compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This allows you to have the ability to be productive from virtually anywhere. Whether on the road or in the office, Skype can be used to place calls once there is internet connection available. Call forwarding settings can also easily be set up through Skype so no call is ever missed!

TIP: Download the Skype App to your smartphone and be able to make free calls anytime, anywhere!


skype for business



Various features and standards have contributed to the success of Skype. One in particular, is that it has been repeatedly praised for it’s levels in quality. Due to the seamless technology behind Skype, it prompts when internet connection is excellent, good or poor. This will forewarn the user whether the location is suitable for a video call or maybe just a voice call. Once there is a stable internet connection, online calls run flawlessly.

TIP: Always read pop up notifications from Skype as this will generally inform the user about the internet connection.


Parallel to other Microsoft Office 365 products, Skype for Business is continuously being updated. New features are added regularly to enhance the users experience for you!

TIP: Updates are generally made on a quarterly basis so keep an eye out!

Skype for Business has proven itself to be the favourite communications tool for any industry and this is reflected in its innovative and seamless design, cost reducing plans for business of any size and its’ collaborative communications tool.

skype for business

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