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Software Hackers – The new cybersecurity threat

Over the weekend, Mac users were attacked. Not directly, but through a software download from Eltima software. A software development company which makes the popular Elmedia Player and download manager Folx. Anyone who has downloaded this software will need to do a complete wipe and reinstall on their Mac to stop from getting infected and attacked.

To find out more read The Register article on this malware attack.

This, unfortunately, is not an isolated case. Businesses have spent billions of euro protecting their networks with firewalls and endpoint security which Typetec provide through our partners Webroot and Symantec who are leading experts in security. However, some hackers are now changing their strategy and instead of testing a company’s security head-on, cyberattackers have begun taking an indirect route of penetration by targeting the actual tools that developers use to build their software applications rather than the endpoint user itself.

How can you stay protected?

CIO’s and security experts spend a considerable amount of time, making sure their business is protected and their data is safe from hackers. This new threat, however, is hard to stop with the first line of attack happening before a CIO has any control.

There are nevertheless, forms of defense you can take to gain back some control and peace of mind.

  • Deploy an effective network security management program. Typetec currently partners with Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager which to date securely manages over 3 million devices on its service. Find out more about this mobile management system here.
  • Only use software you can trust, and only download credible software directly from the vendor’s site or app store.
  • Verify that software packages haven’t been tampered with by checking the software’s digital signature. Find out more about this on our partner, Microsoft’s support page.
  • Make sure any open source software is first approved by the company and thoroughly scanned by the organisation’s security measures.

To find out more about how your organisation can stay protected and secure from cyberattacks, hackers and malware contact our security experts in Typetec today on 015009001.

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