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The Virtual Background

Business’s today depend more and more on their IT to function productively. As a result, key business applications must be maintained for employees to carry out their daily tasks.


The Virtual Background


End users have their preferences on the type of device they use, Apple Mac, Microsoft Surface, Dell notebook and Desktop monitors. All these personal preferences are easily catered for and integrated into the workplace.

Where the magic really happens is in the background. Beyond the user screen, in the server room, or in the cloud where the backend processing is carried out. Typetec partner with best in breed vendors to provide our customers with a solid foundation for their IT platform.
Buzz words like Hypervisors, SAN storage, Virtual backups, retention, recovery and security are very rarely discussed by end users, but all of the above are core to the maintenance of a productive working environment.

Security & Firewall

Security & Firewall


Security is a hot topic of late with Ransomware attacks making headline news. Having a solid anti-virus protection is therefore cornerstone to any organisations’ protection against attacks. In 2016, Typetec could see that malware and cyber-attacks were becoming a paramount issue so we moved all our customers to Webroot Protection. To date not one of our customers has had to deal with an attack.

The ability of recovering from a corruption, major outage, or minor disaster should be a key consideration in any IT strategy for all levels of business. With an organisation who is heavily dependent on cloud based applications we would suggest;

  • Two internet lines from two separate providers.
  • highly available firewalls which provide automatic failover and continuity to access the internet.

Firewalls protect your organisation from;

  • external threat entering your environment.
  • provide secure remote access to your environment.
  • provide activity reporting on your internet usage.

Typetec partner with two of the leading firewall companies to provide this cover, Sonicwall and Cisco.

Data Storage

Data Storage

Where you store and process your data is paramount to ensuring one of your business’s key assets is protected. Typetec partner with Dell to provide our customers with fast processing, highly dependent storage solutions. With even smaller type SME’s growing their data requirements to between 1 – 2 Terabytes… that’s a lot of excel sheets, and word documents. Every organisation will also have some type of application requirement, whether it’s your Sage, SAP, or some other bespoke application that you use for your business, it needs to sit somewhere. The choice for this can be

  • in-house on your own hardware
  • cloud stored on Microsoft Azure hosted servers.



A hypervisor is essentially, a clever piece of software that allows the resources in a physical computer to be shared amongst multiple virtual machines. This allows you to;

  • operate several of your applications within the one server environment.
  • dramatically improve your recovery time
  • to save money as result of the one server

Typetec offer the 2 most common options of Hypervisors – VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. We also can use special virtual snapshot software. This allows us to take regular point in time images of your virtual machines. Allowing us to quickly roll back to a good know version of your environment if a disaster does occur. The snapshot tool used is called Veaam.

Cloud Hosting:

Microsoft Azure

In recent years, the trend of moving critical business applications off premise has become highly popular and effective solution. Cloud hosting for email with Microsoft Office 365 allows Typetec to migrate your emails from your in-house exchange server to Microsoft’s secure data centres. Office 365 offers several other features including;

  • The full office suite for up to 5 devices.
  • Skype for Business for voice and video calling.
  • SharePoint and one drive for data retention.

With Microsoft Azure we can also build bespoke server and storage environment to host your applications which provide a ‘use as you need’ model. Azure backup also offers an incredibly competitive online data backup solution to store your data offsite.
It all fits together like a jigsaw, put together for you by your expert IT Partner Typetec

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