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Top Four Methods to Innovate your Workplace

Albert Einstein had it right when he said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ The translation of this from a business perspective is companies and people must evolve and innovate their thinking and try new things if they are expected to survive, grow and succeed.

A major factor to this success and what sets businesses apart in the current environment is technology. Not so much the technology itself but instead the methods companies are developing to utilise technology. Empowering employees to adopt, create and innovate. While every company is focused on results and returns not that many are also focusing on new ideas and long-term gains, which is where there is the competitive advantage to be gained.

You may be thinking, yeah that’s easy for the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Google who are constantly innovating but I don’t have the budget or the time to deliver the same. However, innovation doesn’t need to be some big costly thing but can happen in small and decisive steps to create a work culture that promotes creativity, critical thinking and collaboration in the workplace.


  1. Create spaces to generate ideas:

    This is a very simple first step you can take. Your employees know your company better than anyone and you wouldn’t have hired them if you didn’t think they would bring something to the business. Creating spaces where they can openly converse and share concepts allows new ideas to develop. Even if you don’t have the space in the office to create this you can create an online space. In Typetec we use Office 365 app Teams to design virtual team rooms for different departments so they can share ideas, images and documents with other team members. We use the communication app Yammer for the whole office to share updates and communicate quickly with other teams.

  2. Time to think long-term:

    In a company there’s so much going on day to day that long-term thinking can be forgotten about. However, this is just as important as the day to day. If a business has no long term vision and plan it will become stale and fall to pieces. Giving employees time away from the daily grind to work on projects of their own choosing makes employees feel appreciated and motivates them to innovate. This could be a quarterly company-wide brain storm session or even let employees but away 4 days a month to work on their own ideas with the idea of presenting the idea at the end of each month. This can work for companies that have employees working remotely with Skype for Business. Which has instant messaging and video calling so you can keep in touch no matter what.

  3. Work Remotely:

    We live in a world that is becoming increasingly connected. With just a press of a button you can talk to someone half way across the globe. With this development people are no longer working the typical 9-5 days. In Typetec we encourage colleagues who can to work remotely or from home. Utilising Office 365, SharePoint and our own Remote Desktop. It gives employees with families the chance to work more flexibly without being stuck in traffic or bored in the office. It also means if there is a reason they can’t get into the office they can easily work securely from anywhere. See below our infographic around why remote working works!

    Work at Home

  4. Incentivise and Promote:

    Our final tip evolves around creating an atmosphere of positivity towards new ideas. If every idea is pushed aside or shut down your employees will never speak up. Creating the above should help with this with the goal that you reward good ideas with recognition. Whether that be through awards, internal newsletters or extra days off. Creating a system that not only encourages innovation but empowers it.

To talk to us about Office 365, SharePoint or any of the applications for collaboration and communication mentioned above email our expert team

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