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What’s holding you back? The three biggest worries when embracing new technology.

Irish Tech News released an article this week with the title ‘Conservative IT Investment Costs Ireland €9 Billion Each Year‘. Even with Dublin now being one of the largest tech capitals in the world with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn all having major offices here, companies are still skeptical when it comes to new technology. With 64% of Irish companies wary of new technology and ‘digital transformation’ projects.

The three major worries companies stress over according to Digital Realty’s report are the following:

  • Security
  • Cost of maintaining Infrastructure
  • Access to tech skills

This is where Typetec come in. We work with your company to create a digital transformation that works for you. In terms of security we work with tech giants like Microsoft to provide enterprise level security to even the smallest start-ups. Maintaining infrastructure costs is a worry of technology past with cloud solutions. No longer do you need to worry about replacing servers with the idea that your data would be securely stored within Microsoft’s data centres. Finally with over 35 years experience in the tech industry and a team of professional services and business solution experts on staff you’ll never have to worry about access to tech skills.

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