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Yammer – Is it the way forward for internal communication?



Yammer – the Enterprise Social Network which is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 package offers far more than just another social media platform. This application isn’t there to compete with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter for valuable scrolling time from your employees but can instead be used as a tool in and out of the office.

Yammer as a Communication tool:

Communications in the workplace have moved on from phone and email; just as the workplace has moved on from being in the office. Our email mailboxes have become a resting place for everything and anything a single repository for all communication, information and even documentation.

It is time to get this information out of your inbox and in to places where it is relevant, accessible and useful.

With Yammer organisations can share current relevant information in a familiar timeline format with the option for discussion and sharing. For instance, a relevant industry news story or article is traditionally shared by email with a link attached; adding to an already stuffed inbox and every response or comment just adds to the clutter. Share this article on Yammer and everyone can see it, choose to engage, discuss or ignore; and as the timeline moves on newer more relevant content can replace it.


Yammer as a Communication tool


This is social media, so why not get social; we are embracing technology that allows us to work remotely and away from our colleagues however we still need to connect on a personal level with people in the workplace, keep up to date with work other teams are engaged in, have casual conversations about industry trends – conversations we used to have in the canteen or passing on the stairs. Yammer offers this platform.

How to get the most out of Yammer?

To get the most from Yammer you need people to get on board and contribute with relevant content. Joel Marans from gives a simple 5 ways to use Yammer in your business.

  •  Share REALLY interesting things
    Post LINKS to things you find you feel are awesome. Stuff like articles, videos & competitive info. Then explain why you think it’s important.
  •  Get help, Give help
    Get answers to questions even when you don’t know who to ask. Crowdsource help with RFPs. Get feedback from users affected by your project. Ask advice when faced with competitive threats on accounts. And if you’re in the mood, share wins and best practices!
  • Create Tribal Knowledge
    When you contribute content like presentations, comments, links and posts, you create a searchable, taggable source of knowledge anyone can search. This allows people – new and tenured alike – to discover valuable information in past discussions even when they weren’t part of them. The more content you add, the richer our shared source of knowledge becomes.
  • Collaborate On the Go
    Use the free Yammer app for iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone devices to collaborate and stay connected wherever you are. View, post and reply to messages, and use the directory as a mobile address book your company’s Yammer Network.
  • Create Project Groups
    With Yammer you can create and join private or public groups to work and collaborate in small teams within your company’s network. Yammer doesn’t replace email – it can compliment it! With Yammer, you create a living record of project work, conversations, deliverables and customer efforts. Most of all, Yammer remains private and employee-only. Only people that work at your company have access to what you post.

Office 365 is more than just Word and Outlook, it redefines how people work, communicate and collaborate. Speak to Typetec today to see how you can get more from your Office 365 subscription. Fill out the form below or call 015009001.

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