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Why Choose a Smart Work Strategy?

Increase Productivity

Studies have shown that workers are more productive, get more done, work longer hours and take less breaks when working remotely.

Save Time & Money

With no daily commute employees have more work hours and with less employees in the office there's savings on electricity, food and travel.

Hire the Best

By allowing employees to work remotely you can hire the best while not limiting yourself by geographical restrictions.

Better Work/Life Balance

Flexible working hours and good work/life balance are becoming essential components when hiring and retain employees.

Smart working is becoming a driving force in the successful operation of companies. It influences how employees are recruited, work conditions for employees, the cost of doing business and even the size of a company’s headquarters. The rise of start-ups like Remote Year, which facilitates workers to travel for a year while keeping their job, and WeWork, which offers shared workspaces for remote workers, indicates the appetite for remote working throughout the world.

Smart working can bring multiple benefits to your business, and this white paper will highlight those benefits.  Typetec has been highly successful in implementing remote working practises and commissioned this white paper to build trust in remote working as a feasible and a desirable option for operating your business.

In this white paper, you will explore:


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    Why choose Typetec:

    • Consultant Training: Typetec IT Consultant team are trained to deliver solutions that enhance not only your IT but your overall business.
    • Expertise: We’ve worked across different categories, at different stages of business growth, – we’ve encountered and solved 99% of issues your business will have.
    • Experience: With 35 years of experience, we understand how to create business value for your organisation through technology.
    • Knowledge: We’re experts across all technologies and so offer agnostic solutions, with your business needs at the centre of everything we do.

    Typetec is a leading professional IT cloud service provider and expert partner to the world’s leading technology companies with a clear mission – to help our clients improve performance, service delivery, security and compliance.

    We have recently partnered with Cyber Risk Aware to help our customers improve user awareness about cyber security threats.