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Smart working is becoming a driving force in the successful operation of companies. It influences how employees are recruited, work conditions for employees, the cost of doing business and even the size of a company’s headquarters. The rise of start-ups like Remote Year, which facilitates workers to travel for a year while keeping their job, and WeWork, which offers shared workspaces for remote workers, indicates the appetite for remote working throughout the world.

Smart working can bring multiple benefits to your business, and this white paper will highlight those benefits.  Typetec has been highly successful in implementing remote working practises and commissioned this white paper to build trust in remote working as a feasible and a desirable option for operating your business.

In this white paper, you will explore:

  • The Context for Smart Working
    The environmental, social and working conditions that have made smart working an appealing option for companies and employees.
  • How Smart Working Benefits You
    How smart working benefits your business and your workers.
  • The Barriers to Smart Working
    The barriers to smart working and how to overcome them.
  • How to Start Smart Working Today
    How to manage the change to smart working, with the right technology and the right processes.



Celebrating over 35 years in business, Typetec is a leading professional IT cloud and managed service company. Our mission is to offer tailor-made I.T. solutions and services to our clients to help digitally transform the way they work.

With a team of over forty talented people, we are proud to offer our clients a unique skill set of, experience, trust and expertise unrivalled in the Irish market.

Typetec provides a complete range of professional IT services and cloud solutions for enterprise and SMB from a variety of sectors including financial, education, creative and non-profit.

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