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Case Studies: Health Beacon

Health Beacon is the world’s leading digital health platform for injectable medications. Its technologies integrate with patient support programmes to ensure that they adhere to their medication schedule.

There is a growing demand for this software with the projected number of patients estimated to grow 10-fold by 2023. To meet this demand, Health Beacon aim to grow their team to 150 over the next 24 months.

To manage this rapid growth phase, Health Beacon partnered with Typetec for the provision of client device setup and Office 365. For Health Beacon, there are three key components that they need from their IT provider:

1.  Secure access
2.  Data
3.  Cyber security

Benefits of Health Beacon choosing Typetec:

  • Health Beacon’s employees can access Typetec’s expert skillset to resolve any of their IT queries as they arise.

  • Typetec manages and automates all scheduled security and OS updates.

  • Typetec provides compliance reporting, allowing point in time information around KPIs to be delivered for security and general IT health.

  • Typetec also provides consultancy services around the IT roadmap to support ongoing expansion.