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The 2022 Guide to Hybrid Working Cyber Security

Typetec commissioned a survey through Censuswide, targeting 200 SME business owners to ascertain their general understanding around ransomware and cyber security protocols. Through this research we discovered that over half of Irish small businesses have paid a ransomware ransom, averaging at €22,712.

“With tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses operating here, this means staggering amounts of money – often in the form of cryptocurrencies - are being lost to cyber criminality. Yet despite paying out these ransoms, some business owners admit that all affected data cannot be restored, and most business owners say their sensitive data has been leaked on the dark web. It’s a very worrying and unsustainable situation, when facing the short-term financial cost but the long term reputational and brand cost could be substantial." Trevor Coyle, CTO, Typetec

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