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Secure by design
using a Zero Trust framework and layering

Our comprehensive cyber security services proactively protect your organisation from the inside out with award winning, best-in-class cyber security solutions. We utilise AI and Machine Learning to detect and respond to continuously evolving threats and vulnerabilities. This helps to reduce risk, optimise existing IT investments, and close the current cyber skills gap.

We help you develop strategies and roadmaps aligned to your business. We design and build next-generation enterprise security architecture, and develop and run incident response plans.

Service Offerings

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We have taken the lead and invested in AI, Machine Learning and Active Threat Hunting to power our state-of-the-art Next Generation Security Operations Centre. This ensures real-time security event response to threats with log monitoring and analysis.
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Security Compliance
We provide continuous Security Assurance Assessments which are aligned with the industry standard NIST 800-53 Framework, covering the 18 Critical Security Controls from Asset Management to Incident Response and Management.
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Security Awareness Training
We deliver training to reduce the effects of Social Engineering by using a proven educational approach for improving risky employee IT behaviours that can lead to security compromises. These are engaging, interactive courses with trackable phishing simulators for detailed reporting.
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Data Protection
Customers face an ever-growing threat of data breaches through incidents such as zero-days, email compromises and ransomware. Preparation is key, and Typetec will assess and secure the entire Data Lifecycle for your organisation.
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A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is used to establish and maintain the organisational strategy and execution to protect sensitive and valuable information assets and surrounding technologies. This service will allow Typetec to create a security roadmap and align the IT infrastructure to the overall strategy.
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Endpoint Detection & Response
EDR security analyses endpoint data and coordinates alerts and responses to immediate threats. Standard endpoint protection relies on outdated static signature files, whereas EDR AI is 99% effective in preventing cyber threats, long before they become global incidents.
The Shift from AV to EDR/MDR
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