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IT Support built around your business needs

At the core of our managed service offering is our dedication to customer service. Typetec is a people focused organisation, and it is our people and their approach that makes us stand out.

Our industry leading managed IT services offering is designed to deliver predictable monthly costs for all your IT needs, taking a proactive approach to your technology, network and security requirements.

We have supported some of Ireland’s leading organisations spanning all verticals over the past 40 years.

Service Offerings

ITSM (IT Service Management)
We go beyond traditional IT support. We encompass the entire spectrum of IT services, including non-IT business functions. Designing, delivering, managing and improving IT services for our customers.
Proactive Monitoring
We provide an enterprise grade, automated, monitoring platform powered by machine learning, providing full-stack visibility across both on premise and cloud services within one unified view.
Dashboards & Reporting
We include real-time dashboards for our customers to gain insights anywhere and everywhere with their service. This results in instant custom reporting for all types of stakeholders. "You can't manage, what you can't measure."
Business Continuity
When downtime is unacceptable, business continuity is critical. We identify operational and technical risks facing your organisation. We also document mitigation strategies and practical responses to address them.
CSAT & NPS Scoring
You measure our overall performance and we listen. We are always adapting and improving our services for our customers. Typetec's NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 77% higher than the global average of technology companies for customer satisfaction.
Trusted Advisor
We are not just another vendor or service provider, we consider our customers strategic partners. Our client-centric thinking allows for transparency and authenticity, enabling us to fully understand our customers business and technical goals.
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