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Oct 13, 2022
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How Microsoft Viva Goals Helps Businesses Hit Their Targets

How Microsoft Viva Goals Helps Businesses Hit Their Targets

Viva Goals is one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft’s recent Viva platform. With lots of potential for team development and integration within Microsoft Teams, there’s no question as to why the May 2022 ‘Private Preview’ was incredibly successful.

Having just been released to the public in August 2022, Viva Goals is still fresh and relatively unknown to most people. That’s why we want to help introduce you to Microsoft’s best productivity tool to date! We truly believe that Viva Goals is perfect for every company to supercharge their workflow.

In this article, we’ll show you what Microsoft Viva Goals is, how it works, and how it can help you!

What is Microsoft Viva Goals?

Microsoft Viva Goals is a goal-setting management solution that helps your team reach new heights, and unlocks their full potential.

According to Viva Goals CVP Vetro Vellore, 77% of employees want more purpose in their work. Microsoft Viva Goals tackles this and helps motivate employees to want to work on projects.

By using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, Viva allows organisations to be able to track the progress of their teams. This means that your business can much more easily and efficiently work to achieve your goals —  Viva creates a workflow that’s easy to work with for both employees and employers.

Viva Goals allows you to:

·       Assign your team members to different tasks and targets.

·       List those targets, as well as your organisation’s key goals and objectives.

·       Display visual indicators of how on track you are to achieve these targets.

·       Help reward success throughout your organisation.

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You can set specific goals for specific teams and employees who’d be most suited for that task. By delegating work efficiently, employees can easily see what they need to be working on, and what their progress on that task is.

You can find Viva Goals in Microsoft Teams, as long as you have access to Viva Goals or Viva Suite. This integration makes it simple to work Viva into your daily workflow and introduce your team to the OKR Framework without causing confusion or stress.

What is the OKR Framework?

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a framework used to clearly set and define goals and record their outcomes. By doing so, you can help your team truly reach their full potential and motivate them towards a realistic goal.

This framework splits a major objective into chunks that can be achieved to make progress and assigns them to teams/employees.

Unlike KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Frameworks — which measure individual employee performance — OKRs help motivate employees and teams to achieve targets as a unit.

This gives a tangible goal to help them understand what they’re working towards, rather than worrying about arbitrary performance targets.

How Viva Goals can Help Your Business

What are the main benefits of using Viva Goals in your business? Let’s discuss some of the platform’s key capabilities!

Enrich Your Team

With Viva Goals, you can ensure that your team always has a realistic target to work towards. You can set clear targets and goals, meaning that your employees will always be motivated to work on something rather than being confused as to what they’re meant to be achieved on that day.

Organise Your Goals

Viva Goals easily organises and displays your organisation’s wider targets, which allows you to easily see what you’re heading towards. By doing so, you can easily work out where to go next and manage your teams appropriately.

Increase Profitability

Time is money, and Viva Goals is perfect for ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your time. By making sure your employees are working effectively and efficiently, your goals will be met much more quickly. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure you’re getting the most out of your staff for what you’re paying them to do — and push them without demotivating or demoralising them.

Celebrate Success

Microsoft Viva’s ability to track your team’s progress means that you can make sure your employees are working well, and push them when you need to. But, you can also very easily see which teams are doing well. This means you can simply be able to work out when teams are going above and beyond and reward them for doing so.

Use What You Know

By integrating with Microsoft 365, Viva works with a lot of industry-leading software such as Outlook, Teams, Office 365, and many other Microsoft-based applications that your business is probably already using.

And, if not, why not opt for the best? Microsoft 365 is a great way of unifying your organisation's tools and workspaces.

Other Products in the Viva Platform

As Viva Goals requires you to have access to the Viva Suite (or, to buy Viva Goals separately — which isn’t worth it at all), let’s take a look at what else Microsoft Viva can do for you!

·       Viva Learning: Help your employees grow and improve their skills with courses and lessons, and a focus on collaboration with other employees to learn and grow together.

·       Viva Insights: Enrich your employees’ productivity and well-being by tracking how they work and giving insights as to how they can improve their workflow.

·       Viva Topics: In the style of a forum, your team can easily discuss separate projects and parts of your company. This means the discussion is open, and your team can collaborate and work together positively.

With all that and more to explore, Viva is a quintessential part of helping your business reach the next level.

Get Started with Viva Goals

Viva Goals is a powerful productivity and workflow tool that is new, modern, and great for helping your team reach its full potential. And, with full Microsoft 365 integration, it’s simple to get started and use Viva Goals to supercharge your organisation.

Interested in taking your business to the next level with Viva Goals? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help!