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Oct 28, 2021

Meet Typetec’s New CTO - Trevor Coyle

Meet Typetec’s New CTO - Trevor Coyle

We are delighted to introduce you Trevor Coyle who has recently joined Typetec as our Chief Technical Officer.

Trevor lives and breathes IT with an abundance of qualifications under his name in Cloud, Security, Networking and Virtualisation to name a few.

He regularly partakes in industry certifications to ensure he is up to date on new emerging technologies ensuring that our clients have the best advice and guidance available.

Speaking about his new role, Trevor said;

“I’ve had a diverse career spanning 24 years, from teaching internationally to designing and delivering complex technology solutions for global enterprise customers here in Europe.

During my time in the IT service sector, I've explored different technology domains. It's a dynamic and challenging sector, and it's where you'll work and learn from the best talent within the IT industry. The industry demands that you lead the charge with new, innovating technology and develop thought-provoking solutions for customers.

Moving to a new company can be daunting, but after meeting the Typetec leadership team, I became very excited about the company's roadmap and how my role could play a part in Typetec’s future. The culture was another essential aspect for me, and the people behind the brand are fantastic, all the ingredients for success.”

When Trevor is not studying the latest technology trends or visiting clients, you will find him on a golf course or out on a hiking trail around Ireland.