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Re-imagine your business with the cloud

We help transform businesses by harnessing the power of cloud technologies

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Re-imagine your business with managed services

We help transform businesses by harnessing the power of managed services

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Re-imagine your business with IT services

We help transform businesses by harnessing the power of IT services

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looking to scale?

Are you seeking smart technical solutions to help your business grow?

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Are you a scaling enterprise that needs an innovative partner with technological solutions to help achieve your business ambitions?

A network of trusted partners

At Typetec we only work with the best. Take a look at our partners and the range of capability accessible to us.

As a Microsoft reseller since 2005, Typetec has a prominent relationship with Microsoft as the leading company in cloud solutions and the home of Office 365.

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We enable our clients to leverage cloud based technologies to transform their business.


We’re a trusted business partner, offering cutting edge solutions across every technologies. Check out some examples here.


We started this project with the main aim of decreasing costs, modernising our environment and achieving reliable Disaster Recovery. Undoubtedly, DataCore’s SANsymphony-V is the cornerstone to this achievement. We are proud of the service we can now offer the business thanks to Typetec.

Malcolm Moir,
Infrastructure Service Manager, ILCU

Cafferkey Civils

Office 365 and SharePoint transformed the way we share, collaborate and control information so that we now meet the demands of our clients in a much more effective manner.

Peter Cafferkey,
Director of Cafferkey Civils


One of the many benefits of working with Typetec is when it comes to our priority one issues, they’re always there. It doesn’t matter what time of day or evening it is they understand our business.

Lynne Ringland,
Operations Manager, HRM


Typetec listened and created a solution that worked for us. By moving to a Mac environment and embracing Office 365 it’s increased both productivity and collaboration amongst staff. It’s also allowed staff to focus on spending time on customers and projects rather than waiting on updates or space issues.

Tadgh Cowhig,
Founder and Director of DBA

The Mainline Group

Typetec’s solution of migrating to Azure means we have complete control over how we spend our IT budget. Allowing us to scale up and down as needed by the company. Since the project was completed we have seen an increase in communication, collaboration and overall productivity in the workplace.

Anders Ingelsten,
IT & Business Development Manager Mainline Group